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Thot – Negative Buildings Tour



September 2005, Gregoire Fray, under the moinker of Thot, releases his first album, “The Huffed Hu”, as a fragile manifesto of its singular sound called “Vegetal Noise Music”. Ten years later, Thot has become a band with a solid career and ambitious projects. In order to celebrate this decade pf maturation, Thot will release – on 14th September -new versions of two songs from its first album. Re-worked and re-recorded as a band, these 2 recordings testify of their unique sound aesthetics and energy developed through many Europeans tours. These will be available as a limited run of 30 copies on 7″ vinyl record, with download access to the first album and its subsequent remixes.

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Sandra Kolstad | Zero Gravity State Of Mind release tour

«Gravity is everything that pulls the human soul down. Everything that keeps us from being everything we could be. Gender, class, constraining norms and values, mental illness,injustice, poverty, religious conflicts, political structures…. Fear, that in all its different shapes drags us down, holds us down and away from freedom.»

Sandra Kolstad combines her passion for acoustic and electronic elements in an experimental musical  universe, full of playfulness and imagination. Her highly visual performances seduce the audience and open up a world, where firm electronic beats, dreamy vocals and vivid  instrumentals, challenge both ear and eye.  From a young age Sandra Kolstad has been devoted to music. She started out as a classical piano student  in Norway, but soon her main focus became composing music herself. After having travelled around countries like Cuba, India and Mongolia, Sandra moved to Berlin in 2009 and started working on her own songs, establishing her musical identity. In Berlin Sandra began to work with electronic music, electronic hardware and synths, and soon she discovered a sound she could identify with. A sound that is experimental, yet danceable and invites the listener into her sparkling and extravagant reality. Focusing on exploring the live potential of her music, Sandra’s performances are visually stimulating, just like her video and photo shoots. Her debut album CRUX and her sophomore album (Nothing Lasts) Forever have won much acclaim both in Norway and internationally, and consequently Sandra has been touring Europe, UK, Russia, Canada and USA, also performing at Roskilde Festival and Øya Festival among others.

Sandra Kolstad’s third album Zero Gravity State of Mind will be released on October 6th, 2014.


Pre-sale €12  http://www.koka36.de/sandra%20kolstad_veranstaltung_61856.html

Doors €14

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Tokoton Nacht-Kufuki Europe tour 2014


Tokoton Nacht is back in Berlin!

This time we are featuring Japanese electronic band Kufuki from Tokyo supported by local Japanese artists in Berlin.
Live Live Live special de Go !

Kufuki (Tokyo/JP)
UNI (Kiyoshi Fujikawa, Takeshi Nishimoto, Katsuhiko)
Cozmik Onion Express 2.9

—Live animation—

Karaoke – J-pop madness!

—Yum Yum JP Food—
Imacoco kitchen
—Desert (Raw Chocolate) —
KUFUKI has been regarded as one of a kind band with the strong originality from Tokyo.
Their style is the eclectic fusion of Japanese traditional spirit and the contemporary electric dance music, that creates the bizarre eletion from the profound atmosphere.
In 2012, KUFUKI released the album “KUFUKI” which has received the high rates from numerous Japanese, American and European music review websites(Bad Alchemy Magazin(Germany), .Loop(Chile), Sound & Recording Magazine(Japan), etc).
Lately KUFUKI has become very active in the international music scene – remixed by Astral Social Club (UK) and Anla Courtis (Argentina), live tour in South Korea, the interview appearance on Colombian radio and such. They are currently in the production of their 2nd album.

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MARIUS BUBAT (Coma, Kompakt)

MARIUS LAUBER (Roosevelt, Greco-Roman)

Moved by being part of several bland line-ups in clubs around the world, a group of young electronic producers is keen to bring a rather crazy concept to four European clubs. What first started as a running gag while meeting another Marius on the road, or discovering a Marius online with surprisingly similar sounding productions, soon became a serious project that all four of them were up to realize.

The MAGICAL MARIUS TOUR will take them all on a tour throughout Europe, with stops at everyone’s home – so every Marius has his own hometown show!

MARIUS HFS from Non Records will play a live-set at every stop. His cosmic surfer-sounds may sound as if he’s a sample-nerd, but he’s actually playing all the instruments in his Amsterdam studio, so we can expect a lot of gear on stage. MARIUS SOMMERFELDT is part of SOMMERSTAD, a disco-duo from European disco-capital Oslo. And guess what – Prins Thomas already signed them on his Full Pupp imprint. The line-up comes to completion with a Cologne bromance: MARIUS BUBAT from the Kompakt-signed duo COMA, which combined their techno-pop roots with a lot of playful percussions on their 2013 album, and his studio fellow MARIUS LAUBER a.k.a. ROOSEVELT, who just released his first EP “Elliot” on Joe Goddard’s label Greco-Roman, will both play a DJ-set and reveal where their more club-orientated influences are coming from.


Zines of the Zone Berlin – Tour Event #27


On Thursday and Friday, April 17th & 18th, and one week after the Berlin show of The Photocopy Club, Urban Spree is happy to host the team of Zines of the Zone.

Zines of the Zone is a nomadic, not-for-profit library dedicated to self-published photobooks, photozines, and any DIY printed matter related to photography.

From January 2014 onwards, the mobile zinothek is travelling from it French homebase throughout Europe to display its collection to the public and collect new zines in each visited city, in order to increase the collection and meet new artists and the zine community. Since the beginning of the tour, the Zines of the Zone project has gathered a considerable response on the road, with lots of zines collected and great crowds visiting the show.

49 Tour Events are being scheduled until mid-June 2014, Berlin being midway with #27!

Come to Urban Spree to meet the ZoZ team, discover all the zines collected on the road, as well as those belonging to the permanent collection, and of course, bring your zine!!

– Photozine exhibition with sub-Thema: Urban Cultures

– Free Entry

– Thursday 17/04 => from 18:00 till late: DJ set Jackie Kennedy / Madame B

– Friday 18/04 => from 13:00 till late: Poperttelli (AB records) + Blank City




UPLIFT SPICE was created in 2005 and developed an original concept : explosive punk-rock music with the unique voice of their female lead singer.  Along with YOOKEY (guitar), and the brothers tovita (drums) and kenji (bass), Chiori (vocal) performs with a true energy UPLIFT SPICE’s songs!

UPLIFT SPICE recorded a new album ‘ØØØ’ released last november in Japan. Not yet released in Europe, you will still be able to discover this new album live, played on stage by UPLIFT SPICE’s members during their upcoming European Tour.

Tickets available: http://www.weezevent.com/uplift-spice-ooo-europe-tour-2014-berlin



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