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The Urban Spree Arcade Project

The Arcade Project is a new collaborative street art initiative in Berlin that will unfold in the weeks to come. Located in the R.A.W Tempel, opposite Urban Spree and just under the Warschauer Str., there is a set of 21 arcades, currently painted with frescoes ranging from a gallery of 20th century historical/pop culture icons (like Betty Boop, Marx, Che Guevara, Gandhi, Michael Jackson), and landscape paintings based upon sea and desert scenes (the connoisseurs will never forget the crab, the bird and the camel). These frescoes were really hanging around for a long time.

Until now.

Middle of last week, our good friend klone came up with the idea of making an open air street art gallery, inviting friends to paint one arcade per artist. That’s how the Arcade Project was born. But there is also a special touch to this project: in a year or so, the arcades will be hidden from the public view owing to an urbanistic project aimed at redesigning the access to the R.A.W from the Warschauer Str. Therefore, the paintings will be covered (but not destroyed) until the plot of land becomes free for new construction, that is in 2019 or 2025. This is a very exciting part of this project, and each invited artist feels very special about it.

First collaboration started on Wednesday June 6th with the 2 members of the SMD Crew from Tel Aviv, klone and Robat and went on Saturday with the duo Irgh from Wurst Bande, Jbak, and Blo.


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