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'To The Past' at Urban Spree Berlin

We are very happy to become a stockist for Little Big Man Books in Berlin. Little Big Man is a US-based publishing house founded by Nick Haymes and focused on strictly controlled editions of photobooks and artists’ books in limited runs. Having previously released remarkable and highly rated books such as ‘Surf Riot’, ‘Lovesody’ and ‘Eden Is A Magic World’, Little Big Man is now releasing ‘To the Past‘, a limited edition of black and white photographs by Japanese master Nobuyoshi Araki.

The book is printed chronologically as a photo diary, spanning more than 30 years of Araki’s life and work, from his photos of bondage to tender images of everyday life, to vivid still lifes, to the documentation of his wife’s death from cancer, and ending in photographs of the Japanese earthquake in March, 2011. The special edition of the book (limited to 10 copies) with a photogravure print were sold out before publication. The limited edition we are proud to carry has a run of 350 copies only and is almost already sold out. Click here to purchase the book online or visit us on Warschauer Str.

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