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Tomasz Kobialka: Monster Trucks and Fireworks

Galerie KLOT and Urban Spree present the second exhibition in the Artist Curated Section of Urban Spree, a space run by resident artists and focused on emerging visual artists.

Monster trucks and Fireworks
Over the past 50 years women have struggled to confront and transcend the way they where defined as women, and now it is time for men to do the same. Misogyny and chauvinism are not acceptable cultural ideas or practices – but can the macho-bullshit be striped away and redefined, or as Western men are we stuck with it? This show is a exploration of male identity – a look into what it means to be a male, to define yourself as masculine but to step away from the normative characteristics associated with men. Can we get beyond the violence, fast cars and cheap sex and express a new masculinity?
A series of oil paintings and drawings by Tomasz Kobialka.

Tomasz Kobialka is a Polish born Australian painter, presently living and working in Berlin.

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