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Etienne Pottier: They Live

Until May 25th, Urban Spree Galerie invites you to the first german solo show of French artist Etienne Pottier. Entitled ‘They Live’, the exhibition displays Etienne Pottier’s most recent body of works, specially crafted for his Berlin solo exhibition.

Using the artistic medium of gravure on metal, Etienne Pottier delves into his underground memories to impress usually morbid images on used fabrics.

Based on his personal experience of tekno free parties & underground sound systems, anti-fascist punk and black metal culture, Etienne Pottier translates and carves the energy and vitality captured on the different scenes as well as its strong death appeal, mainly using skulls as his artistic trademark.

This ‘materia prima’ is then transformed, alchemized into a universal form of art.

Life and death. Time-resistant metal plates and fragile fabrics. Noble technics, vernacular experience.

Etienne Pottier captures random and personal energies and transmits the fragile echo of life pulsing through the dense morbidity.

Exhibition: Tuesday – Saturday : 12:00 – 18:00. Until May 25th, 2013

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