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New Exhibition: El Segundo. Instinctive Travels to the Haupstadt


On May 30th, 2013, Studio Lukas Feireiss and Urban Spree Galerie hand the keys to the City of Berlin to 2 Rotterdam-based visual artists, Baschz Leeft and Janjoost Jullens, for an all-Berlin themed conceptual exhibition, together with Selfcontrolfreak and Studio Spass.  The vernissage will be followed by a DJ set with Rotterdam based Beatnologic, aka Beatno, aka The Gaslamp Killer Killer.

Berlin: capitol of creativity, libertine playground of Europe. Is it truth or myth? A gift or a burden?

Berlin rooted curator Lukas Feireiss invited Dutch artists Baschz Leeft and Janjoost Jullens to co-host an exhibition examining the most prevailing myths on the Hauptstadt. Merging backgrounds in societal research, design, interaction and street culture El Segundo provides a thorough but humorous view on this city of arts, activism, immigrant entrepreneurs and omnipresent pink pipes.

From one city to another the exhibition features works from all Rotterdam based artists:

Baschz Leeft is an omnimedial visual artist, designer and curator with a profound love for mass and sub cultures. Also founding father of Rotterdam cultural breeding ground and gallery SingerSweatShop. www.baschz.com

Janjoost Jullens is a researcher, writer and art director who uses arts to put societal issues in new perspectives and to fuel innovations. Did a street inspired Tedtalk on new simplicity. www.studiowolfpack.com

Selfcontrolfreak is an internationally known experiment on interactive video that explores choice and control in interaction. Also the maker of the interactive motion picture Order. www.selfcontrolfreak.com

Studio Spass is a design team that deliberately avoids being trapped into corners and fixed formulae, and values Spass in the design process. Winners of a Silver European Design Award for an arts festival poster campaign. www.studiospass.com


El Segundo. Instinctive Travels to the Hauptstadt.

Curated by Studio Lukas Feireiss @Urban Spree Galerie.

Vernissage on May 30th, in the presence of the artists.

Afterparty with DJ Beatnologic

Exhibition from May 31st to June 21st. Tu-Sa 12:00-20:00


Urban Spree Galerie

Warschauer Str. x Revaler Str.

10245 Berlin


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Kindly supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the City of Rotterdam.


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