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Um die Ecke

Every city to some extent benefits from -and is being imprisoned- by its own myth and cliché – and Berlin is a prime example of this phenomenon. Berlin is known as a cosmopolitan, tolerant, open-minded, and exciting capital in which life is still affordable. At the same time, the city is characterized by it’s rough attitude, edginess and even violent appearance. With ‘Um die Ecke’, Selfcontrolfreak translates the city’s ambiguous struggle with it’s own myth and image into a video projection mapping piece.

We see the artist (Olivier Otten) chasing and being chased by himself in an infinite loop.

This is the first time that a Selfcontrolfreak video is put up for sale.


Um Die Ecke  – 2013 – Video installation – 1.56 minutes

Price On Request/Preis auf Anfrage.


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