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'Make Your Own Sign' Workshop #3


The 2-day brush lettering and sign painting workshop with Mike Meyer and Otto Baum on November 30th is now sold out with 16 registered participants!

If you ever wanted to learn the tricks of professional sign painters in a similar workshop, then there is still the possibility to enroll into MYOS #3 in the December session and learn the basic techniques of sign making from a full-day creative workshop with mastermind professional sign painters!

MAKE YOUR OWN SIGN is a monthly workshop with Otto Baum & Rylsee, hosted by Urban Spree, Berlin.

The objective of the workshop is to provide the skills for making effective hand-painted signs for personal or business development.

In this workshop, you will learn:

 -Basic knowledge and rules of typography

– Visual communication through the use of typography

– Sign painting techniques and tools


-Sat. 14 December 2013
-Sat. 11 January 2014
-Sat. 1 February 2014
-Sat. 8 March 2014
-Sat. 5 April 2014

For info & bookings, contact: MakeYourOwnSign@gmail.com


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