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domowe melodie live in Berlin

berlindomowe melodie has become the new lo-fi sensation from Poland since the release of their eponymous first album in 2012. They have rapidly conquered a large audience with their playful, home recorded, joyful melodies. The pop trio is made of the wonderful voice of Justyna Chowaniak (also composer and pianist), and the instrumentists Stanisław Czyżewski and Jakub Dykiert.

Their first single, « Grazka » debuted on the 2nd position on the « List of Hits » of Radio 3, and the next week reached #1. The band performed in June 2013 at the Halfway Festival in Bialystok, and the next month in Gdynia at the Heineken Open’er festival.

On Sunday, January 26, 2014, they play Urban Spree in Berlin.

Aftershow DJ set with Jemek Jemowit

Tickets available here on the Urban Spree website: /event/domowe-melodie-live-in-berlin/

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