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Rare Shots on Planet X

Our friend & Urban Spree homie Matthias Gephart is launching a crowdfunding campaign about his book project “Rare Shots on Planet X”.

“Rare Shots on Planet X” is Matthias’ first monograph. Due for publication at the end of summer by renowned Dortmund-based art press “Verlag Kettler“, RSPX is an artist’s book engineered by the artist himself, with prime materials retracing the profuse and diverse career of the artist in illustration, typography & lettering, graffiti, collage, screen prints, and photography, up to this point in time.

Matthias is launching a crowd funding campaign to make this publication happening.

Urban Spree is officially supporting the book project and we recommend our readers to pre-order the book and therefore support this great publishing project.

Details on the funding project here on the startnext.de website.


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