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Everything Amazing – Nobody Happy: the Documentary

« EVERYTHING AMAZING – NOBODY HAPPY » was the title of Julia Benz‘ first solo show in Berlin at the Urban Spree Galerie in December 2013.

The artistic challenge the exhibition represented (creating a large-scale and ambitious Triptychon) triggered an urge for Julia to document the whole process. The opportunity came at a right time in her life and career, a time where she decided to undergo a « mise à nu », unveiling personal moments, capturing her doubts, fears, hopes & joy.

The painting process was documented and filmed by the übertalented team of Editude Pictures (Andreas Lamoth & Frederic Leitzke). The outcome is a condensed chronicle of the weeks of artistic tension escalating into the vernissage, a 2-week intense period in which we share the life and intimacy of the artist.


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