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May 2014: Saucisse Curry

In May 2014, the Wall is dedicated to our first graffiti show of the season, « Saucisse Curry« .

Saucisse Curry introduced in Berlin 9 renowned French graffiti artists, from different crews but united by friendship and the desire to realize a common exhibition. Some of the artworks displayed in the indoor show were already of a collaborative nature with duos such as Ilk & Keno, Bruce & Mina, 2Shy & Sexy, but the wall takes it a step further with every artist involved in the process.

The concept for the Urban Spree Wall was to play on the colors chosen for the show’s poster (so to speak « French colors ») and to realize throw-ups on 3 lines under the banner for the show with a striking impact. Only 2 colors were used + white for the background and the outlines.

Graffiti artworks by: Horfee, Keno, Ilk, Yeemd, Bruce, Mina, 2Shy, Sexy, Tera. DJ Pone as a tribute.


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