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Berlin Wonderland, holding back the years

To start the month of June, we are looking back at the golden and rough years of Berlin after the fall of the Wall, with an exhibition of 50+ black and white photographs linked to the release of the self-published book « Berlin Wonderland » (bobs airport/Gestalten).


Berlin Wonderland is a grassroots testimony on the post-Cold War Berlin from artists and activists that were living the rebirth of Berlin in those years of re-enchantment. The exhibition displays a selection of 50 iconic photographs -out of the 200 pictures that make the book- from 7 photographers who were part of this period, living an era of freedom in the Haupstadt.

berlin_wonderland_front_04The exhibition is mainly focused around the central figure of Ben de Biel.

Ben de Biel is at the crossroads of documentary photography (in the same vein as Atget), vernacular photography & memorial work. It is also a prime testimony about the vitality of the Berlin bohême in the 90’s, the squat movement, a counter-culture that largely structured what represents Berlin today, a state-of-mind between club culture and libertarianism.

The photographic exhibition, « Berlin Wonderland », will be held at Urban Spree Galerie Berlin on 05-08 June 2014. On this occasion, the book will also be signed by the photographers and be available for sale.

In addition, Ben de Biel’s original photographs are available for sale at Urban Spree Galerie and online here

Photographs by Ben de Biel, Hendrik Rauch, Philipp von Recklinghausen, Stefan Schilling, Hilmar Schmundt, Andreas Trogisch, and Rolf Zöllner.

More information about the exhibition in our Events section here. And you can buy the book here.



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