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Thorfine: Flash#1

Flash #1 is the first published book by Thorfine, containing a first selection of pictures. Thorfine is a young French photographer who captures the lifestyle and prowess of many graffiti writers across Europe. Always using cheap analog cameras for their roughness and disposable use, his instinctive and adrenaline-pumped shots are a first rate account into the graffiti sub-culture, not only from a graffiti standpoint but also from a lifestyle perspective. With shots taken in Paris, Brussels, Berlin and Madrid, following and documenting the 1UP, VMD, KSF or PAL Crews, Thorfine’s self published book is in our opinion a major book.

The pictures of Thorfine were part of the Saucisse Curry Group Show at Urban Spree in May 2014 with a selection of 5 large format pictures and 14 mid-sized photographs, some of them being reproduced in the gallery below.

Flash #1 is available for sale at the Urban Spree Gallery in Berlin and online either directly on the photographer’s website or on the Urban Spree webstore.


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