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Polish Urban Art: Nächste Station – Berlin Warschauer Str.

1-1024x681In November 2014, over a period of 4 days, Urban Spree Galerie welcomes and hosts in Berlin the « Polish Urban Art » travelling exhibition which is curated by Brain Damage Gallery in Lublin, Poland.

The exhibition aims to present a panorama of contemporary street art from Poland in an ambitious group show featuring excellent artists such as Autone, Chazme, Czarnobyl, EloMelo, Etam Cru, Kamil Kuzko, Mat, M-City, Nawer, Pener, Proembrion, Pepe, Robert Proch, Paweł Ryżko, Sepe, Szczerbak, Uran, Zbiokand others.

Lunatics-II-130x130cm-acrylic-on-canvas-2014-1019x1024Launched in Kiev in October 2014, the exhibition travels to 7 eastern and western European cities (Kiev, Lviv, Minsk, Berlin, Stockholm, Paris, and Warsaw) before concluding in December in Lublin – the home base of the gallery, with a selection of artworks & murals.

In addition, the gallery will present photographs documenting the evolution of street art in Poland, starting from pieces captured by Edward Hartwig in the 1950s, to recent large scale murals.





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