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Special Berlin Edition of TATOOINE at Urban Spree

flyer01-tatooine-berlin-800After Beijing in September, Tatooine, curated by the Paris-based collective Jekyll et Hyde, will ink Urban Spree during a memorable Halloween night!

Since 3 years, the Tatooine team has been travelling and collecting « flash tattoo » illustrations from a wide range of renowned illustrators and street artists, who, although being quite open to the tattoo culture, are not professional tattoo artists and therefore their rad designs are seldom seen adorning human beings.

It is therefore a rare occasion to discover some awesome tattoo art by 30  great artists in the exhibition part and have the opportunity to get it tattooed by professional local tattoo artists.

Each design is being inked only once.

Exhibited artists: 4th Dimension, Amandine Urruty, Bafcat, Dave Shillinglaw, Diskorobot (Klub7), Erber, Erosie, FBS, Fred Menace, Fortifem, Gino, Great, Husk mit navn, ILK, Jay Howell, Jon mac Nair, Keno, Kidcash (Klub7), Neli0, Niark, Nicolas Barrome, Otto Baum (Klub7), Sébastien Touache, Steffie Brocoli, THTF, XVLF, Mark Head, 45Rpm, Samuel Eckert…

Urban Spree Galerie
Revaler x Warschauer
Friday, October 31st, 2014
The Complete Flash Tattoo Portfolio (.pdf) is available on request => contact@urbanspree.com
More info on the Events Page here and on the FB Event there.

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