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Our Friends on the Peachbeach

unnamedAs we are gently sliding into winter, our last show of the year blows the reminiscence of a fresh summer breeze.

« Our Friends on the Peachbeach » is a street art group show curated by the Peachbeach duo (Vidam and Look of The Weird Crew fame) which adds to the two wunderkids some of the most talented street artists and illustrators of the Berlin and Hamburg scene.

Group Show: Vidam, Look, Dxtr (The Weird Crew), Mike Friedrich and John Reaktor (SAM Crew), Base23, Martin Krusche, DeeDeeKid, & Zipper die Rakete.

Afterparty: We celebrate the release of Tonfreude 005 new EP « Evil Love » by AAAAA and the Vidam boy invited some friends to DJ (AAAAA, Tom Hemstar, Konstantin Olias, Sman)


Our friends on the Peachbeach
Opening | Friday 21 November | 19:00
Exhibition | 22 Nov. – 24 Dec. 2014
Thursday-Sunday | 12:00 – 19:00

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