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Öctagon Movie Premiere

carhartt2_622656938We are happy to announce the movie premiere of Öctagon at Urban Spree on 19/01/2015 in connexion with the BRIGHT Tradeshow and together with a photographic exhibition by Maxime Verret and a DJ set by ClekClekBoom.

Öctagon is a dystopian skateboarding movie conducted by Joaquim Bayle, Nicolas Decatoire and Clément Vanpeperstraete and supported by Carhartt WIP.

This video project sets a visual universe in black and white and a graphical landscape fed with technologic and futuristic references. It relates themes such as new technologies, human subjugation, freedom and rebellion.

Website Öctagon : www.octagon-exe.com

Instagram Öctagon : www.instagram.com/__octagon__

Facebook Öctagon : www.facebook.com/octagon.corporation


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