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Honet: Protection II – Solo Show at Urban Spree Galerie

Urban Spree Galerie’s new solo show – « Honet : Protection II » – opens on Friday, May 8th in the presence of the artist.

French graffiti artist and illustrator Honet (b. 1972) started graffiti in 1988. Reputed for his experimental style, he influenced a whole generation of train writers across Europe.

« Protection II » is an exhibition about graffiti and perception, the visible and the invisible.

The practice of graffiti on trains is at the core of the life, experience, and art trajectory of Honet, viewed as a secret/sacred activity, and as such mysterious and impermanent.


The graffiti artist is a masked persona, cultivating the invisible, learning to move undetected, perfecting his camouflage to protect himself from hostile elements, finding secret passages in the heart of the city.

The practice of graffiti opens doors to other dimensions where the visible (the achieved graffiti piece that travels across rail lines) is only a short-lived expression of a practice that incorporates the whole soul, that comes from the inner self. Eternal wanderer of the Paris Catabombs, Honet nourishes his work with references from explorations, readings, historical & mystical elements and an esoterical imagery.

Guest artists : Pas de Chance

Pas de Chance is a duo composed of Akore and Se (SeOne), part of the LTD Crew (Lose, Tristesse et Dépression) co-founded by Honet in 2006 after an unfortunate trip to Milan. The duo will exhibit in the Urban Spree Galerie’s « Ecke ».


Opening May 8th // 19 :00

Exhibition : May 9th – May 31th 2015
Tu-Su : 12:00- 20:00

Urban Spree Galerie
Revaler Str. 99
10245 Berlin

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