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Urban Spree Arkaden Jam


3 years ago, all the arcades with their reddish background, tropical style and weird portraits under Warschauer Brücke were fully repainted by our homies in 2 days of happy painting.

At that time, we didn’t know if the paintings would stay or be covered owing to some real estate development.

3 years after, the spot has seen numerous street artists painting arcades and leaving a mark at Urban Spree.

Our Tel Aviv homie Klone was the first to solo paint an arcade 3 years ago and this move triggered the first spontaneous Arkaden Jam a few days later.

3 years later, Klone is back to Berlin and altogether, we’ll paint all the arcades again.

Urban Spree’s Arkaden Jam will happen on Saturday and Sunday, July 18th and 19th with live music provided by the Urban Spree Summer Sessions.

Participating artists for the 2015 edition include:

Zero Cents * Wurstbande * Vidam * Steffen Mischke * Rylsee * Patu * Pablo Benzo * Otto Baum * Nils Leimkühler * Mik Shida * Mafia-Tabak * Lorio * Look * Knarf * Klone * Kidcash * Johannes Mundinger * Fresh Max * Dxtr * Christoph Rode * Caro Pepe *  Boing * Andrea Wan * Addison Karl * Above * 44flavours

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