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Mens du sov / While you were sleeping


Fresh from Copenhagen, « Mens du sov » (« While you were sleeping » in danish) arrived today at Urban Spree. Mens du sov is a self published photobook documenting the Copenhagen graffiti scene that was published in June 2015 in Denmark and is almost sold out. 

Edited by the photographers Anders Giversen and Simon Dokkedal, the book chronicles the secret process of graffiti on trains, shot only at night in Copenhagen, still with a few pages on Berlin.

A first-hand photographic account with more than 220 pages of hardcore graffiti action from writers and crews such as RENS, SABE, FYS, MOA, DIA, FK, EASER, WEEK, NTD.C, GRAPE, SPYO….

The book is now available in the webshop and at Urban Spree Berlin.


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