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Farbzüge: A Photobook on Berlin graffiti

IMG_3894The photographer Emmett E. from Berlin has been documenting graffiti on S-Bahn trains in the past years.

The result is a 144 pages self-published photobook that comes in a limited edition of 250 hand-numbered copies.

There are three different book covers with the regular edition coming out with the yellow stickers that the train drivers affix to the wagons in order to signal that a wagon needs to be cleaned after some graffiti action as well as to prevent graffiti writers to take clean photo shoots of their deeds.

Alternatively, 25 copies come with a blue sticker on the cover (« Wagen nicht geheizt » / « Car not heated ») and 25 with a red one (« Tür Störung » / Door malfunctioning).

The book is available at Urban Spree in Berlin and on the webstore here but in limited quantities.

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