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Hza Bažant: NUSLE Exhibition and Book Release

Urban Spree Galerie is proud to introduce the new series of screen printed illustration works by Prague-based artist Hza Bažant as well as the exclusive german book release of “Nusle“, based upon the Czech artist’s impressive graphic saga. Nusle is a limited edition, self published artist book released in Germany by Urban Spree on the occasion of the artist’s solo exhibition at Urban Spree Galerie (03.09 / 12.09.2015).

1_Hza Bazant _ Metro _ 2013

Nusle is originally a large scale graphic cycle, consisting of individual large screen prints (70 x 100 cm) on textured & colored paper, on which stencils and spray paint have been applied to create subtle, metallic, largely fluorescent color effects and blurred lines.

5_Hza Bazant _ Bathing - detail _ 2013

The series started with 4 images based around the central character of the story, Mirek, prostrated along track lines, amidst chaotic elements.


As years passed, the artist has been adding each year new images to the series. The series itself involves different colors of papers and different inks/paint tones so each series has a different outcome.

Today, the series consists of 14 images, creating a ever expanding universe and narrative. When juxtaposed, the series achieve a panorama of 140 cm x 700 cm.


In 2015, the artist has published Nusle as a book format. The book contains 34 separate sheets which also work as a minimal approach to the large scale print series.


Deeply rooted in Prague and czech culture, each image consists of surreal images of scenes depending on a number of seemingly unrelated, dreamlike stories, but in fact deeply intertwined. Individual images are rich scenes full of symbols, taking place in the backdrop of the urban periphery, which represents the peripheral areas of the mind.



All stories are told without words, by associations, symbols, and common features. This method is chosen with the intention to provide the reader with the greatest possible freedom of interpretation. The reader is author’s partner; he may create his network of relationships between individual characters of the story. Thus, it is possible to return to the book and read a different story each time.


nusle prezentace tisk 25

Discovery of a new layer of meanings becomes an adventure similar to the exploration of the abandoned corners in an unfamiliar city, where discarded artifacts may create a mosaic of life stories of those who left them behind. It does not matter whether the story happened or could happen; its formation is more about us than about protagonists of the story. As literature uses words to form images, in this case we are using images to build a story. The concept of the Nusle project is based on a free play of imagination stimulated by rich visual perceptions.

The book (regular and deluxe edition) will be available at the Galerie during the exhibition and after the show while stocks last. You can find it in our webstore here.


Hza Bažant: NUSLE

Urban Spree Galerie

Vernissage: Thursday, September 3rd 19:00

Exhibition: Friday, Spetember 4th to Saturday, September 12th, 2015 (12:00-19:00)



The exhibition is kindly supported by the Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin.

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