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Hendrik Czakainski: Urban Investigations

During Berlin Art Week 2015, Urban Spree Galerie presents a new body of works by Berlin based contemporary artist Hendrik Czakainski.


The exhibition will present several large-scale installations as well as artworks from the artist’s new series « Urban Investigations« .

Made with materials such as wood, chromolux paper, metal powders or carton, each patiently crafted installation is an alchemic representation of a cityscape, where dwellers are immersed in environments which are abstracted, where human presence is almost eradicated, where fractures, walls, conflicts and divides abound.

Uncharted territories coalesce with metaphors of our own ecosystem, visions of hostile urban environments and prescience of a looming chaos.



August-2015-Rinde 0-27



About the artist: 

Hendrik Czakainski (b. 1979 in Aurich) lives and work in Berlin. After a formal training in screen print and carpentry, he became assistant to the artists Markus Draper for 2 years and then Wolfgang Flad for 3 years before establishing himself as an artist. He is also Adjunct Professor in Architecture at the Beuth Hochschule für Technik in Berlin.


Vernissage: Thursday 17.09.2015 from 19:00

Exhibition: 18.09.2015 /18.10.2015

Tu-Su 12:00-19:00

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