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Movie Premiere: Amo-Te Lisboa – an ignominious street a̶̶r̶̶t̶̶ movie


Urban Spree is proud to present the Berlin Premiere of Amo-Te Lisboa, a 1-hour documentary fiction on the art of illegal painting in the portuguese capital, in the presence of the movie makers.

Directed by Canemorto and Iso3200, the film revolves around 3 painters who worship a cruel dead-dog divinity, called Txakurra, which gives them the power to paint together as a single person, hitting public walls in order to spread its cult. Thanks to this evil spell, they gradually get fame and recognition in the street art world, forgetting their real mission. When the international career of the trio is taking off, Txakurra orders them to cancel their commitments and go to Lisbon for two months and paint brutally in the streets. The three friends are desperate, they know that their promising career will be fucked up forever, but they are too frightened to deceive the malicious god…

The film is a dark & rough exploration of Lisbon and features Borondo, Cane Morto, Caso, Gab Respar, Porco, Run & Slika.

There will also be a series of hand pulled screen prints specially produced for the movie by the studio 56Fili & Co. which will be exhibited and sold in our Galerie “Ecke” on the screening night.



Sat. 07.11.2015 // 20:00 // Free Entry

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