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Twoone’s hand-painted interventions on his upcoming print

In this video, Berlin-based Japanese-Australian artist Twoone is hand-painting his new screen print “Hunted Hunter’s Head-Panther” at the Mother Drucker print studio at Urban Spree. 


Each of the 25 copies of the 4-printed layers’ print has been hand-painted before the last layer was screen printed. On the background stands the acetate foil used by the artist to create his motive, painting it backwards with intense and dynamic brush strokes to create matter and texture.

The print incorporates a lot of embellished details such as hand-painted motives (pencil for the eye, spray cans, marker) and each one is different.

In addition, while the final layer is being processed, Twoone intervenes directly with ink on the screen, disrupting the process and creating a truly unique print.

The print is being released on March 15th on the Urban Spree webstore.

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