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Rawcuts + Internal, a double solo show by Onio and Sosek

Urban Spree Galerie presents a double solo show by São Paulo-based artists Onio and Sosek.

Born out of graffiti and pixação, Onio and Sosek are invited by Urban Spree to exhibit their latest series of drawings, ink paintings and collages and work on site-specific projects during their Berlin residency.



Onio: “Rawcuts” 29.07 – 14.08 (Ecke)

Returning at Urban Spree, the Brazilian artist Adriano Cinelli aka Onio brings his newest series of works entitled Rawcuts.

Onio has always been recognized for his vibrant aesthetics that oscillate between comics, illustration and painting, using strong colours in graphic meshes that tend to abstraction.

For his Urban Spree residency and exhibition, Onio takes a more experimental aproach and presents a series of colorful collages, mixing materials and techniques to attain a new aesthetics.


The direct influence of chaos, visual pollution, and the characteristic urban aspect of São Paulo are a natural resource and inspiration to his work.

In addition to the presentation of original collages on small and medium-sized formats, Onio is also releasing a black-and-white zine entitled “Rawcuts” in a limited edition.


Sosek: “Internal” 29.07 – 07.08

For Sosek, the life in the paulistana street is inseparable from his art, notably the forgotten people, the left overs from the brazilian society, the silent homeless cohort that populates the city.

Roaming at night, he walks through São Paulo with friends to paint and photograph scenes of life on the streets, photographing the crude reality, Sosek then transcends the images in portraits and scenes, using only black ink. Unlike Onio, the world of Sosek is a world in black-and-white, drifting and dripping, rooted in calligraphy, graffiti & drawing, making the invisible, visible.


“Internal” reveals the acute tension in the artist’s mind, the conflict with his inner self as represented by the city’s chaos. Sosek will also release his new zine, based on photographs and drawings of homeless people and decayed streets, in a limited edition of 100 copies.

“I bring a sense of unease about our society and the destitute side of our existence”


Rawcuts + Internal

2 Solo Shows by Onio + Sosek

Urban Spree Galerie

Opening on Friday, July 29th at 19:00

Exhibition schedule:

Rawcuts: 29.07 – 14.08 (Galerie Ecke)

Internal: 29.07 – 07.08

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