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Germes Gang über alles!

The notorious Germes Gang is landing at Urban Spree for an exhibition of drawings, live tattooing and a new book release.

scan033 - copie

After 10 years of nerdy graffiti and drawings. the Lisbon-based cult Germes Gang comes to Berlin with 30 new exclusive drawings of what have made them infectious in the underworld: a porn-indulged & narcissic remix of icons of the anime, comics, marvel, the simpsons and some personal oddities such as boxing champs, obese people in wheelchairs wearing sports outfit, football players, interracial gang bangs, and low cost food empire Lidl (a longstanding obsession) to name a few.

Germes Gang gives steroids to those icons and let them live the unrestricted life they always wanted.

Urban Spree will release a limited edition book with the new series.

On the Opening Night, Diogo Rodrigues (@xyz_xyz) comes to Berlin and will tattoo out of the Urban Spree based Amor de Madre Berlin tattoo studio. Bookings => galerie@urbanspree.com


« Germes Gang über alles »

An exhibition of new drawings & book release

Opening; Friday 19.08 at 19:00 + live tattooing w/ Amor de Madre Berlin

Exhibition from 20.08 to 04.09

Urban Spree

Revaler Str. 99

10245 Berlin

@urban_spree / @germesgang



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