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Klone’s new solo exhibition “Everything is happening”

Urban Spree Galerie is particularly happy to announce Klone’s new solo exhibition “Everything is happening”, opening on 11.08.2016.

Tel-Aviv based artist Klone was the first to ever exhibit at Urban Spree, back in summer 2012, where he produced an epic 50-meter long installation of paper cuts and painted characters in the whole gallery space, as can be seen in the video below.

Four years later, Klone comes back to Berlin and Urban Spree with his new solo show entitled “Everything is happening“. As with the seminal exhibition, some work was prepared in his Tel-Aviv studio but finalized in Berlin over a 2-week residency.

While the first installation was entirely paper-based, the new installation extensively combines painting with digital techniques such as stop motion animation, loops and mapping to vividly translate the artist’s longstanding obsession with memory. “Everything is happening“ showcases random memories and experiences, imagined and real ones, which are sensed through a series of projections. Stop motion animations are depicted onto the wall by painting and erasing, and in this way constantly giving up and away moments and experiments, a constant process.

Common Cause2

According to Klone, we are constantly bombed by the mass media with a visual overload, to the point where we can’t be sure anymore which of our memories are real and whether we actually experienced them. Thus, the artist refers to the psychological phenomenon of “false memory“ in which a person recalls a memory that did not occur.

The exhibition has been built specifically for this space and moment in time.


“Everything is happening”

A solo show by klone at the Urban Spree Galerie, Berlin

Opening Night: 11.08.2016 at 19:00

Exhibition from 12.08 to 04.09 (Tu-Su / 12:00-19:00)



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