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Book Release: King Kool City Berlin

Urban Spree invites you on Thursday, September 22nd, to the book release of « KING KOOL CITY BERLIN« , a Berlin-themed book by Sarah Paulus (portraits) and Rolf G. Wackenberg (photographs). 

In the book, the authors portray Berlin’s unique hip hop & graffiti scenes: 30 writers, rappers, DJs, beatboxers, skaters and breakdancers. Featuring Poet, Amok, Vartan Bassil / Flying Steps, Chico, Bee Low, Soulrock, Marc Hype Gärtner, Kool Savas, Frauenarzt, Manny Marc, Jonni Ben Salomo / Rap am Mittwoch, B-Tight, AKTEone, Unlike U, Fino, BVG, 1UP Crew, LKA 264, Alesh One, El Bocho, Just, Pascal Feucher / Urban Spree, Falkland, Jürgen Horrwarth, Graffitibox, Jürgen Feuerstein / Molotow, ILoveGraffiti.de, MC Fitti, DVO and CheCan, MC Bomber, Marcus Staiger.


In doing so, KING KOOL CITY BERLIN provides rare and very personal insight into the artists’ universe illustrated with exclusive photographs taken by Rolf G. Wackenberg. Thereby, the reader is made familiar with life cycles between passion and vocation, between international success and despair. As such, the book is supposed to be an homage to the people portrayed and a declaration of love to the most fascinating city: Berlin.

During the event, you will have the possibility to meet one or the other artist portrayed in the book and of course the authors. More information on www.kingkoolcity.com.


Urban Spree

Revaler Str. 99

22.09.2016 / 18:30

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