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Berlin Wonderland 2nd Edition

After being sold out and unavailable since more than a year, the 2nd edition of the documentary photobook « Berlin Wonderland » has just been released by the original publisher bobsairport, and is now available at Urban Spree Berlin and on our website.


Berlin Wonderland, subtitled « Wild Years Revisited 1990-1996 », is a self-published monograph and testimony on the post-Cold War Berlin. With 200 photographs from 7 photographers that were active in those years of enchantment, mainly pictures from Ben de Biel, the book is a first-hand testimony about the vitality of the Berlin bohême in the 90’s, the squat movement, a counter-culture that largely structured what represents Berlin today, a state-of-mind between club culture and libertarianism.


Ben de Biel’s original photographs are available for sale at Urban Spree Galerie here

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