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Yuto Yamada: Berlin/Tokyo

Urban Spree Galerie presents ‘Berlin/Tokyo’, a photographic exhibition by Berlin-based Japanese photographer Yuto Yamada, opening on 18.11.2016 in our Galerie Ecke.

Berlin and Tokyo are the two favorite topics of urban photographer Yuto Yamada and the subject of this exhibition one year after presenting his « Berlin Raw » series at Urban Spree: Berlin as the city where he now lives and works since several year and the city of his childhood and youth, Tokyo.

In his ongoing series ‘Berlin Raw’ he takes us on a journey to the dirty, abandoned side of Berlin with all its graffiti, destruction and decay, in absolute contrast with the übermodern and shiny photos of Tokyo’s illuminated cityscape, a stunning and surreal opposition.

‘BERLIN / TOKYO’ is a photographic journey and modernist tale of two apparently opposed metropolises, the hi-tech Tokyo and the lo-fi Berlin.


Yuto Yamada: Berlin/Tokyo

Urban Spree Galerie’s Ecke

Opening: Friday 18.11.2016 at 19:00
Exhibition: 19.11.16 to 27.11.2016

Tu-Sa: 12:00-18:30

=> http://yuto-yamada.com
=> instagram.com/tokio_kid

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