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Rafael Sliks in Berlin

Rafael Sliks is a graffiti and street art artist from São Paulo, Brazil. He’s been doing his works in the streets and showing some of his studio works since 1997. Sliks had participated in festivals and group exhibitions all around the world, such as in Paris, Geneve, Miami, Taiwan and many other places. In March 2017 the artist started a 2-week art residency at Urban Spree Galerie.

The project culminated in Sliks first solo show, « Ambivalence« . The exhibition comes together as a representation of Sliks’ artistic universe, which reflects on the balance between the city chaos and the serenity of nature as the most important sources of inspiration for the artist.

Video artist Gabriel Sousa accompanied the whole process of the exhibition and produced this video as a partnership between Devir Produções – SLIKS – Urban Spree.

Rafael Sliks – “Ambivalence”
16/03 – 26/03
Urban Spree Galerie




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