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Book Release: Risomania

As part of the 1st Berlin Risofest, Urban Spree invites you to the Book Release of the english version of Risomania on Friday 05.05.2017 at 19:00.

Risomania is a book project of Berlin-based book designers Vetro Editions and is the first complete monograph on the topic of Risograph and the unexpected renaissance in graphic and analogue printing.

The book provides a thorough overview of the history and development of the technique and looks at other, earlier stencil-duplicating machines, which are also being used more and more widely, among them the Mimeograph and Spirit Duplicators. Filled with beautiful examples of print series, postcards, zines, yers, and other experimental prints, Risomania is the bible of Risograph and DIY printing.

The book is available on the Urban Spree webstore here.

One example of a risograph print by Bene Rohlmann featured in the book can be found in the store here as well as the first risograph book of Urban Spree Books, ‘Twoone: Berlin 2014-2016« , a 3-colour riso zine printed in Berlin by Drucken 3000.

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