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Screening: ‘Trans X Istanbul’

On May 28th, Mobile Kino in cooperation with Schwules Museum will organize an outdoor screening at Urban Spree of the documentary movie « Trans X Istanbul » followed by a panel discussion in turkish and german with Maria Binder and Ebru Kırancı. The screening in in VOST (turkish subtitled in english).

Thousands of Trans*Women live in the big cities of Turkey. Crimes against Trans*Women are mostly not investigated. Ebru, a Trans*Woman from Istanbul fights against the displacement and murder of her companions. She wants to change Turkish society with humour, self-irony and political acumen. She meets Margarethe, a 85-year-old German retired nurse and establishes with her an retirement home for Trans*. The film shows how hate crime works as a system. Urban transformation of Istanbul and the protests around the Gezi Park in 2013 resonate throughout the film.


The entry is free.

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