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Jim Avignon: “Business as Unusual” Book Release + Concert

4 months after his solo show “Permanent Jetlag“, Jim Avignon returns to Urban Spree Galerie for the special launch of “Business as Unusual, the most complete monograph of the German artist to date, spanning 30 years of an unacademic career in 400+ illustrations.


Jim will sign his book and perform unplugged as Neoangin together with Jens Friebe on the grand piano.
Doors 18:00
Concert 19:00
Free Entry


The painter, illustrator and conceptual artist Jim Avignon is one of the most unconventional characters in the current German art world. Vibrant colours and unpretentious materials, a good dose of wit and an enormous output are his trademarks. For the first time an opulent monograph allows a comprehensive insight into the complex oeuvre of the artist, who has always sought confrontation with the establishment and who could never decide whether he wanted to be pop-art, street-art, Picasso on acid or whether he was simply the fastest painter in the world.
Avignon’s narrative about “things not going as planned” is full of concise quips and not without a certain delight. He expounds his peculiar relationship with the art market and describes the exhibitions that finally put him on the map as an exceptional artist. We get to read about odd detours into the world of commerce, a stolen bear, paintings that need ironing, call-for-help socks and how a mural almost landed him in jail. Avignon spills the beans about the high and lows of one of the strangest careers the art world has seen in the last 25 years—expect a lot of detail, an ironic undertone and an abundance of images.
“Business as Unusual” is a hardcover, 160 pages, 400 illustrations book published by the local imprint The Green Box with texts written by ATAK, Sandra Prill, and Lars Willumeit.



  1. lenzen

    ich hätte gerne ein buch vom jim avignon. was muss ich leisten um eins zu bekommen?

  2. -

    Hallo! Nur noch bei Ihnen gibt es einige signierte Restexemplare von Business as unusual von Jim Avignon. Ich hätte soooo gerne eines davon! Aber würden sie denn überhaupt sich die Mühe machen und eines per Post nach Ulm verschicken? Selbstverständlich erstatte ich Ihnen das Porto. Das wäre großartig!

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