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“Oh Sh…”: 2nd Print in the “Straight outta Lockdown” Mode 2 series

“Straight outta Lockdown / The Freedom Prints” is a series of vintage Mode 2 prints (from the mid 2000s to the early 2010s), hand-painted or hand-sprayed in 2020, and re-numbered in very limited runs.

The second print of the series is called “Oh Sh…”, originally produced in 2009 but never released owing to some specks of alien colors spotted on most prints while signing them. Mode 2 decided subsequently to call off the run and keep only the good prints for future use.

11 years later, the message conveyed by the print couldn’t actually be more acute, in a news ecosystem battered down by fake news, outright lies, and state violence.

The prints have been reconfigured in a 40-print run, all hand-sprayed with 3 different colors matching the original tones (gray, red, white), signed and numbered by Mode 2.

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“Oh Sh…” One of three series of vintage prints released by @urban_spree ; a 3-colour silkscreen print, customised and renumbered as an edition of 40. . Back in 2006, I started subscribing to @mondediplo , a monthly French newspaper part-owned by its subscribers, editorially more independent and impartial than most. I rarely finish all articles during busy months, as each reads like a university thesis in its complexity; bringing historical, cultural and geopolitical context to the saturation of 24/7/365 selected data parading as news today. . It's a depressing read at times, exposing and deconstructing the dysfunctions of our world; which is what inspired the original “Oh Sh…” drawing. I often wonder where would society be if many more people were less complacent and apathetic in the way they informed themselves on the world around them. It would greatly help in the crucial and polarising debates of today. . I only have a digital scan of the original drawing, as the A5 blackbook that it was in was stolen in Barcelona, January 2007, during the Bread & Butter trade show. . Ten of us sitting around a big table outside of a bar, and nobody saw a thing, when I went to the bathroom. NEVER leave people in charge of what is irreplacable for you. Thieves are SLICK over there! . In October that same year, I decided to release a print of it for my #party&bullshit show at @mahahardy 's DPMHI shop, for which I also did a painting on linen of the same visual. . I found far too many prints with tiny spots of pastel yellow on, when signing and numbering; so I pulled the series from the show, keeping only the good ones. They are now being re-released, after having been individually enhanced with grey, white and red spray-paint; the Belton black stock caps giving that “spittle” technique. . “Oh Sh…” is an apt metaphor of the shock of this pandemic, the protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd, and how governments use this to railroad in new measures, colluding with the deluge of lies and contradictions fed to us by once trustworthy news sources.    . #mode2official #mode2 #ohshit #vintageprint #customised #badnews #protests #breadandbutter

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The first series of 3 HPM prints will be available on Thursday, July 9th, at 18:00 CET on the Urban Spree online shop and in the galerie in Berlin.



“Oh Sh…”

3-colour screen print on archival paper

Originally published by Lazarides Gallery in 2009

Hand-sprayed and re-numbered in 2020

Each print is different

100 x 70 cm

Edition of 40

Signed & Numbered 1-40

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