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« Check your Privilege »: a new mural by the Low Bros

The Urban Spree Artist Wall is a highly visible wall in Berlin, deploying its painted surface of 120sqm (15 x 8 meters) opposite Warschauer Str.

As is usually the case with most exhibitions, the artists paint the first piece of their show on this wall, resulting in a massive statement work for their indoor exhibition.

« Check Your Privilege » is the 3rd mural painted by the Low Bros at Urban Spree and is perhaps their most significant outdoor work to date as it emphasizes strong cultural and societal points, further developed in their solo show « CON.TXT’ (on display until September 6th, 2020).

In the words of Anna Ptasinska: « With the #BlackLivesMatters movement sweeping the global community, it is now, more than ever, that white people need to acknowledge their responsibility to dismantle oppressive, racist systems. Influenced by the book ‘Exit Racism’ by Tupoka Ogette & Robin DiAngelo’s ‘White Fragility,’ Low Bros have partnered with IDB (Institut für diskriminierungsfreie Bildung), Josephine Apraku and Jule Bönkost for this exhibition. As an educational starting point, this exhibition aims to amplify and continue the conversation surrounding white privilege and asks questions of how it can be better utilized in institutions, as well as private & public spaces. While the search for answers is ongoing, the artworks aim is to highlight the problems of unchecked whiteness, especially when it is being recognized as a default perspective in society. By debunking the concept of privileges and problems, the context of this exhibition aims to engage whiteness as an ally to the BIPOC community. »

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