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Gelbart + Señor sandwich + The Germans From Germany live


Adi Gelbart is an genius mad scientist, a true musically-accomplished giant among hordes of laptop charlatans, blending all colors and shades of electronic pop into his test tubes (old analog machines, guitars, rewired battery operated instruments, hand-built gadgets – did I already say mad?), to marvel at each resulting explosion of sound.

Gelbart’s live shows are a psychedelic exploration of synthesized modulations and space-age-pop inspired melodies, played with hands-on mastery on analog gear and mysterious homemade devices. His shows are as much a celebration of nonsensical musical ideas, as they are a prayer of submission to alien gods of superior intelligence.

Gelbart has multiple releases behind him (including splits with Dan Deacon and Frederik Schikowski, and a complete remake of the Beatles first album!) on different labels such as Gagarin Records, LoAF, and his own Defekt Records. Gelbart relocated in 2006 from Tel-Aviv to Berlin, each of his live concerts converting new diehard fans who just can »t wait to see what will happen next.

Gelbart is touring Europe in December to celebrate the release of his upcoming 12” record “Preemptive musical offering to satisfy our future masters” on Gagarin Records.



Señor sandwich

Senor Sandwich’s new electro-magnetic show combines multi layered electronics, waist and pelvis. Senor Sandwich is Roy Menachem Markovich – A Tel aviv based artist ( ‘gym’ from the former electronic pop duo – Gym&Tony ).

Senor Sandwich’s music is a mixture of genres, synth-wave punk, booty hip-hop and club mad Eilat.

Cheesy beats and trashy sounds made of Carbohydrates.

There will be a lot of sandwiches involved, catchy little tunes, and lyrics that deal with the constant lack of money and the inner existential hunger.



The Germans from Germany (Berlin)

Ready to take over the crowns wore by Prince and Michael Jackson, those kinky boys challenge the genius from such a melody maker as Paul Mc Cartney, as well as the crazy factor from a George Clinton. Your girl friend will love it!



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The Whole World’s Dressed In Black (& White)

THE WHOLE WORLD’S DRESSED IN BLACK (& WHITE) – Charlie Megira’s Funeral of Love soli party


Charlie Megira is and will remain our friend forever. To celebrate his generosity, wisdom, friendship, love and music, we decided to make a cure for pain in a funeral party – > Forwarding all profits to cover burial expenses.
+ Special tribute acts + Djs

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Post-Pictoplasma Festival Party

Shake off your visual overload at the closing party at Urban Spree, with live performances by Gelbart, Neoangin and Debmaster and DJ sets by Plastique de Rève and Petula Black Sperm.