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ALL IN A DAY'S WORK | One day Art, Craft & Design workshop

This event has passed.


An exciting one day Art, Craft & Design workshop get- together. Over 30 different professional artists and makers share their special craftsmanship in short back‐to ‐ back workshops.

At this event we present to you a wide variety of traditional, innovative and creative methods, all under one roof and all in the same time! Offering you the opportunity to try your hand and taste a number of different techniques, such as Risograph, Letterpress, Watercolour, Kitemaking, Carpentry, Screen printing, Tattooing, Whip & Leather work, Blacksmithing and much more.

For you, it’s the chance to have a go at a craft you think interesting, unusual or new. For the pro’s who’ll be teaching you, it’s all in a days work! ‘All in a Days Work’ bridges the gap between both the workshop tutors and their students. For the students it acts as a platform of introduction to an area of interest, allowing them to sample a method or craft at low cost.  For the pros conducting the workshops it’s a great interactive networking event, whereby they can show their skills on a one-to-one basis to a large amount of people in short time. Therefore, leaving a memorable impression as well as maximizing future bookings for private advanced workshops.

On entrance you will receive a free tote bag…this isn’t just us being nice, oh no. You’ll need the bag! This is because for every workshop you do you’ll keep what you’ve made to take home with you. Hopefully there’ll be a bit of room left in your bag in case something catches your eye in our pop-up shop, which will boast all of the delectable objects and products from our workshop pros.

We understand you might also want to sit down and take a break. Don’t worries we have that covered with a full indoor café serving cake, hot drinks and any other beverages you might want. Hopefully the weather will be reasonable on the day, just in case it’s not, we’ll pull up the street food trucks right on to the doorstep of Urban Spree for your dining pleasure. Additionally you can thank Dj Ena Lind for providing us with music all day long!

opens 12.00 – 20.00

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Date :
11th October 2014
Heure :
12:00 - 20:00
Prix :
€8 à €18
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