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Appaloosa / Die Ignorierte Art / BadBad



US proudly host an evening with three different live acts. This evening will showcase a panorama of different kinds of punk and psychedelic live music. The old and experienced funk-psychedelic-rock Italian band Appaloosa meet young psychedelic-folk-rock band Die ignorierte Art from Germany and continue with powerful electro-punk from BadBad and Konpyuta (France). Enjoy a little journey through various styles of music.


Appaloosa (IT)

Appaloosa is a group from Livorno, Italy with more than 10 years of experience, playing and opening for groups like Cypress Hill, Karate, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Calibro 35 and Atari Teenage Riot. In these years Appaloosa produced 5 albums. Their latest is called Trance 44 (2014) and got labeled as « An album with muscles » by Italian magazines. It was a new experience for the guys who found themselves for the first time to record the entire album independently in their own studio. The band members describe their music as « Psychedelic rock, Funk with influence from Dance and Hip-Hop music ».

Die Ignorierte Art (D)

Die ignorierte Art is a German Psychedelic-Folk-Rock band that concentrates on the fusion between sensitivity and dissolution with high pitched guitars and a seething base. The drums are sterile and driving. The voice is a charming insult. The German lyrics build a bridge between daydream poetry and drunken hallucination.

BadBad + Konpyuta (F)

BadBad is a project of a female singer from Paris, who makes music with different musicians. Her music can be described as electric Clash Punk, noise and experimental, which is full of power and energy. Her singing is sentimental and psyched up. In 2013 BadBad met Konpyuta, a duo of video artists, who are making videos and images generated by the manipulation of analogue signals. Together they construct hypnotic and rough audiovisual live moments.


Shaun Mulrooney

In the Urban Spree gallery: The Zines of the Zone


Date :
17th April 2014
Heure :
20:00 - 22:00
Prix :




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