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Editions f4 presents : Asia hits Berlin



The label and the french publishing company f4 disques / editions f4 are proud to present:

ARRIVAL / DEPARTURE / an f4 editions joints:

French, German & English reading performances

Live acts and Djs during the night.

The live acts all are playing during the night some awesome IDM, glitch funk, techno, post rock and co.


Brieuc Le Meur / auddie (F , editions f4, f4 disques, fullpanda)

The f4 label boss, multidisciplinary self-thaught french artist, music producer, live act and author, shows his last brand new creation, based on texts and translations:

Deux mondes / 40 min / Audio video performances and readings / in English, French and German + films projections

Topics: The intim, the collective, night and days, the Spirit of the city, the music



Nahash (Australian and French duo from Shanghai)

Performance audio / video / 40 min: Transformed and reworked second hand 8 mm chinese films, saturated, re-colorised, digitalized + bass guitar + drones + synths


Fleck E.S.C (French artist fromTokyo)

Live ambient electro + live electro

(dangerous drums / f4 disques)




Date :
8th August 2014
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