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Chaos Priestess: Marta Zapparoli | Espectra Negra | Anna Bolena | Angelic Sintesis + DJ Ludi Oktokreuz

10357515_1074672072558702_3853453914392114366_nUrban Arts Berlin proudly presents:


A powerful night with some of the best female solo projects based in Berlin. 


Real World Sound, Abstract & Drone | Tape recorders – Reel to Reel – Devices.

Marta Zapparoli is an Italian experimental sound artist, improviser, performer, resercher and musician. She works and lives in Berlin from 2007. Her music mainly consists in strongly narrative sonic pieces that she builds using a wide variety of recording techniques, devices and selfmade microphones . She is interested on the boundaries and relations between real sound world ,vibration sound, noise pollution and inaudible sound . Although it could be qualified as abstract, Zapparoli’s music reveal an accurate sense of nativity, she building strongly narrative and sonic pieces live through improvisation with real-time tape manipulation as scratch, back and forth, cutting, mixing producing rough sounds.

This sound material is transformed and placed in other contexts, subsequently changing its original character creating sounds that are considered , non-musical, overheard, imaginative . She performed in Festivals all over Europa, Turkey, Norway, Sweden and U.S.A . Playing with musicians such as MATMOS band, LAFMS band, Zeena Parkins, Paul Lovens, Toshimaru Nakamura, Werner Dafeldecker, Ignaz Schick, Burkhard Beins, Liz Albee, Andrea Neumann, Vinyl Terror&Horror, Martin Howse, Lucio Capece, and many more.

Besides her solo work, current groups and collaborations include: (PXPRD) with Martin Kuentz, Duo with Alessandra Eramo, (TOWA) with Julie Rousse, (Raven Moore) with Kathrin Gunter, (The Elks) with B.Roisz, L.Albee, K.Fagaschinski , form 2010 she is a member of Berlin’s 24-piece Splitter Orchestra. She released several albums on Umbrella Noise records, Idiosyncratics, Audition Records, Nohmad Records and Zeromoon. She was also extensively featured on WDR3 Open Studio Elektronische Musik Deutschland , ZDF TV, and a variety of experimental radio broadcasts. In 2006 she received the MOVIN-UP Award for her field recording project An Audio Portrait of Berlin.



Industrial Noise | Analogue Electronics | Tapes | Sacred Scream Voice & Laptop.

Solo project by Verónica Mota who also operates as Cubop (active since 2005) in the underground industrial noise & avant-garde scene Berlin’s. Her first album « Savage Justice » was released at Schlagstrom festival 2013 which is one of the best industrial festivals in Germany. This album got such an excellent resonance that she has become now one of the best international female (solo) noise & industrial projects including Pharmakon(US), Puce Mary (DK) or Dry Greed(UK), to mention some. What makes her sound works authentic is her constant sonic research on Shamanic and Ritualistic music. A fascinating tool she uses to exorcise her audience.

This year Espectra Negra’s second album « Alchemy & Death » is certainly very promising, and it will be release by the cult Japanese label Lust Vessel who offered her a permanent contract (home label) from 2014 on. She has a large amount of sound works as Cubop which are now been printed also by Lust Vessel as a Three Volume Archival Works. Her printed releases are plenty including a tribute compilation to COIL (UK).

Currently Espectra Negra is working on a split tape with Instinct Primal (dark ambient master) from Czech Republic, and also a new one with the legend solo project TZII from Belgium. Both albums to be released this year.

All her works, including the ones produced by her side solo project Cubop, are considered a must have.



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Analogue & digital live act

Music producer, promoter and video maker she has taken part in several international music and video festivals. In 1995 she started as a techno DJ in the free parties on the alternative scene in Italy and around Europe. She has an eclectic and experimental approach to both her live and DJ sets; a non-conformist with a socio-political narrative around radical ideas in art and organization. She has run the label Idroscalo Dischi since 1999 and since 2005 the Video Production Idroscalo Digitale. She has a degree in psychology and a masters in neurolinguistic programming and communication.

Since 2004 she has lived in Berlin where she began her DJ residencies at Homopatik and ://about blank club in 2110 and also released her latest vinyl in June 2014.


Analogue Electronics | Sound Objects

Her music is constantly evolving and changing. She works mostly as live improviser using analogue electronics, loops and different materials related to the land of the primitive rites bringing experimental sounds, colorful textures and even noise to the table.

Angelic Sintesis works also as DJ and collaborates in different side projects.

DJ – Ludi Oktokreuz 


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10th April 2015
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