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Frustration + PUFF + Mommy Boys

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What kind of fucking combo is this! Frustration, P.U.F.F., Mommy Boys. It might look like I put these bands under one roof because of their names. But this is pure coincidence, people. When I luckily got to organise the Frustration gig, I turned Berlin upside down with the help of my local friend Isi. But even if the colored city offers many different great bands, I knew I wanted from the beginning P.U.F.F. and Mommy Boys to be the main support to the French band. It really was a mommy boy’s tantrum.


Frustration (post punk, Paris)
The band is rightly seen as the pillar of the French indie scene, which is a considerable achievement given that the French’s musical treasures are often kept secret from the global scene. Frustration may never be in a hurry to release their records, but their gigs are full of urgency. Frustration is finally back to Berlin after two years!

P.U.F.F. (synth punk, Berlin)
In a bar where he works, I told a P.U.F.F. member it would be musically good to associate the band with Frustration without having even seen it live. A few days later when P.U.F.F.’s past and future sounds gave people convulsions at Bei Ruth, I couldn’t stop rubbing my hands like a fucking Universal Music contractor.

Mommy Boys (punk, Berlin)
In many squats in Ostkreuz Mommy Boys have fulfilled my fantasies as a French punk fan going to Berlin. Authentic, terrific, straight to the point. That is PUNK!

So here we are, people. These three bands surprise the audience the first time like an undercover Berlin metro inspector surprises a newcomer. Three so unique bands that you then recognize among many others like the Berlin metro inspector among the passengers. I’m sure they will got you like the fucker caught me.

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23rd February 2017
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Laurent B-something


Urban Spree
Revaler Strasse 99 (Warschauer Str. x Revaler Str.)
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