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Low Roar live in Berlin

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LOw Roar 2

After breaking up with his previous band Audrye Sessions, Ryan Karazija moved from sunny California to cold and windy Reykjavik to continue his music journey.His formidable, twilight esque version of « Dancer In The Dark » by Bruce Springsteen (along with versions of Sufjan Stevens and Neil Young), perfectly highlights the talent and skill of Ryan Karazija, the young musician behind Low Roar who was recently joined by drummer and keyboardist Logi Guðmundsson as also Leifur Björnsson and Mike Lindsay (Tunng).

Together they have created a very particular cinematic, melancholic and ghostly sound space, ideal for losing yourself on a frosty morning or rainy night, where Ryan’s ageless voice shines. Their eponymous debut was published in 2011 and their second release (as yet untitled) is just around the corner, a real discovery. Both of the albums were mixed by Andrew Scheps (Adele, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beyonce…).


« Low Roar‘s (IS/US) performance had obviously created some buzz because the venue became jam packed right before they got on stage at the relatively early hour of ten to nine. The band’s carefully crafted slow electronic rock soundscape was performed with much confidence. The audience seemed extremely pleased as there was a lot of woo-ing and clapping, a feedback unusual for a performance that one would rather describe as cerebral than upbeat. When the venue became uncomfortably crowded and I stepped back into the hallway to take a few notes, it was only to overhear concert guests discuss their joy and excitement over Low Roar. » Iceland Airwaves festival – Reykjavik Grapevine

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Presales: 10€ VVK + 1,75€ Gebühren. Abendkasse: 12€

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Date :
10th March 2014
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€10 à €12
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