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Satisfactory Factory #4



Satisfactory Factory 4 – Alternative For All The Senses

Culture clash at its finest. An evening full of surprises with and by ME – the band.

On July 18th, “Satisfactory Factory” will once again open its doors at Urban Spree. The outdoor area will consist of live painting from a total of ten artists including Brainchild, Jak, BraintogoAge Age, Niis Puk, Balla, Jak Rapmund, Caro Pepe, and Mathias Archambault and on the stage, ME – the band will perform songs from their highly acclaimed debut album “Even The Odd Ones Out” and first selections from their upcoming album that is being written and recorded in Berlin.




ME, a Berlin based band from Melbourne, create a mix alternative rock and psychedelic. In the context of “Satisfactory Factory” the band presents a crazy melange of DJs, musicians, and artists. What ensues they themselves have described as “a mix of love, life and live culture.”


Felidae Trick

Felidae Trick from Israel present subtle electronics with serious melody and harmony.


The Woohoo Revue

The Australian band The Woohoo Revue is a talented group with an eclectic sound mixing gyspy, swing, and jazz that will be going on a European tour after their performance at the Glastonbury Festival end of June.



Une Fille Française


Jonattan Levingstone


Pop-Up Tattoo Studio:

3 international tattoo artists from the Ocho Cuervos studio will create a pop-up live tattoo studio.


18th July 2014
€00 - €22