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Sports Get A Good Look World Tour | Berlin


For Sports, it’s the intricacies of their lifelong friendship, the triumphs and shortcomings of growing up and the experiences they’ve gained along the way that inform their worldview and, in turn, their music. Growing up on the outskirts of Tulsa, Oklahoma, life for Cale and Christian revolved around watching MTV and going to church. « We’ve been making music and releasing it under different names since we were 13 years old » they share. They came up with the name Sports almost a decade later. In choosing the name Sports, Cale and Christian showed reverence for their parents. « They are big sports fans. It’s like fulfilling a childhood dream to be in the NBA. »
Musically inspired by soothing melodies, images of youthful idylls of yesteryear and sun-drenched funk synths. Her sophisticated, mind-expanding arrangements are warm and enveloping, creating a world where David Bowie, The Beach Boys and The Clash collide.

Sports first introduced themselves with their 2015 debut single « You Are The Right One ». Their debut project Naked All The Time (2015) and their follow up single, People Can’t Stop Chillin (2016) delivered further critically acclaimed singles including: ‘Panama’.

In 2018, the band released their first full-length album, Everyone’s Invited, which received praise from Pitchfork and Pigeons & Planes.
To date, Sports have amassed over 100 million streams, an impressive feat for a band staying true to their independent roots and DIY ethos. After spending the last three years shuttling between Los Angeles and Norman, they find themselves back in their hometown with a whole new perspective and impressions. This perspective is evident in their upcoming studio album, Get A Good Look. Unlike their previous albums, « Get A Good Look » comes in two parts. « We didn’t set out to release the albums in 2 parts, but with the pandemic we had to get creative, » Cale shares. « It gives us a chance to work on the music and visuals at a more methodical pace. »
In May 2022, we can look forward to hearing the new album live on stage! Tickets are on sale now at all known ticket outlets!



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4th May 2022
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