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SYNTH SPECIAL / Peine Perdue / Rancune / La Chatte

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Hazy analog thunderstorm announced, relentless synth waves are crashing over Berlin.



PEINE PERDUE (on their new album european Tour)

Emblematic figure of the french minimal wave scene renewal, Peine Perdue is based in Paris and Berlin. Since 2012 they released 3 albums (on Kernkrach, Cold Beats et Medical Records) and toured extensively in Europe, Russia and Canada. Dancefloor meets reveries in the cold, melancholic and catchy music of the french duet, finding its roots in cinematographic phantasmagories, nebulous synthetic architectures and sensual minimal wave. Their new mini album « La Peur Belle » has just come out as a prelude to their new LP « Nuit Blanche » to be released in May.


The cult « progressive artwave band » LA CHATTE was born in 2002 in Paris through the encounter of Stéphane Argillet (Peine Perdue/France Fiction) and fashion designer Vava Dudu, soon joined by guitarist Nicolas Jorio. In a decade, three albums were recorded, mixing ice cold swaying synthesizers sequences with boiling singings and improvised guitars avalanches. Since then, the trio, now partly settled in Berlin, is leading this side project playing impromptu concerts, joyfully musical performance with apocalyptic visuals and costumes, from Paris to Madrid, Amsterdam, Rome or Berlin. They are working on a new album to be released in 2016. Saturday the band will perform as a duet voice (Vava) + synth (Stephane).

available albums:
« Bastet / Tsunami Addiction
« Crash Ocean » / Tsunami Addiction


Rancune treads the line between 80s-inspired electronic sounds and new-wave songwriting. Influenced by garage rock, electronic body music and most things in between, these three French guys living in Berlin can’t choose between singing in their mother tongue, English or German.
Playing with an assemblage of analog synthesizers, drum machines, plus an organ and a guitar amp, the three members take turns to sing songs of love, lust, grudge and culinary frustration.
After forming in mid-2014, they started playing live in 2015 and have been recording demos to document their new-found sound.


co-founder and resident dj at TIQ (monthly party minimal synth oriented)
No matter if the sound comes from the past, the present or the future, he is more and more devoted to select the best quadratic-wave. Quadratic wave is a word game and a concept from sound physics too, but the best way to catch it is to dance it, and the best way to dance it is by being concentrated and confined in a quadrangle as Die Tödlich Doris sang in their song Tanz im Quadrat: « Wir tanzen im Viereck, wir tanzen konzentriert ».


Date :
30th April 2016
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Urban Spree
Revaler Strasse 99 (Warschauer Str. x Revaler Str.)
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