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Concert: Trouble in the Jungle



On Thursday, 7 May, 2015, we bring you a very special program featuring two unique international acts. Dust of your dancing shoes you sexy little swine, because there should be only one thing on your mind on the 7th of May… TROUBLE IN THE JUNGLE!

The performers:

The Trouble Notes – 21:00h

The Trouble Notes is a Gypsy Fusion trio consisting of violinist/vocalist, Bennet Cerven, guitarist Florian Eisenschmidt and percussionist, Oliver Maguire. Having been raised in different countries with contrasting backgrounds (UK, Germany and USA), each individual brings a unique perspective and flavor to the group’s core. What they share is a common sacrifice – the comfort and stability of career and home – to travel and spread their musical talents to every culture of the world while further growing as musicians and beings. Their music has been described as “a storm in a world fusion honeypot of Argentinian Tango and Spanish flamenco rhythms, mixed up in Klezmer melting over an operatically beautiful Gypsy violin and endless wonderous waterfall of Romani sounds.”

They have embraced the traveler’s life and spent their first year together performing in the streets of the world. Upon embarking on their journey, they completely immersed themselves in their music, seeking to pioneer a new genre of Gypsy Fusion by mixing the traditional sounds of their many cultural experiences. A unique bond was forged with the street, enhancing their style and leaving a footprint on each composition. The group’s repertoire aims to take you on a journey, their journey, and tells a fantastic tale of dedication, suffering, and redemption.


Recently formed project, the Jungle Radio arise from a bet.To mix instruments apparently distant from each others (drum, accordion, sax, congas, didgeridoo and computer) combining four individuals belonging to different musical areas. The electronic bases with the drum give rise to dance sound on which creep didgeridoo’s hypnotic textures and the sax and accordion’s improvisations.
What that flows, is a mix of pure rhythm with multiple colors and shades: funk, disco, rock, pop, jazz, dub, balkan vibes.

Das Projekt Jungle Radio hat seinen Usprung in einer Wette und vereint auf den ersten Blick eine ungewöhnliche Mischung an Instrumenten (Drums, Akkordeon, Saxofon, Percussion, Didgeridoo und Computer) gespielt von 4 Musikern, die ebenfalls aus völlig verschiedenen Musikrichtungen kommen.
Die elektronischen Bässe in Verbindung mit dem Schlagzeug lassen einen Dance Sound entstehen, zu dem sich der hypnotisierende Sound des Didgeridoo-und die Impros von Saxofon und Akkordeon mischen. Darausergibt sich ein Mix aus purem Rhythmus in seinen verschiedensten Facetten: Funk, Disco, House, Acid Jazz, Dub, Balcan Vibes.


7th May 2015




The Trouble Notes