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In this occasion we’ll celebrate the official launch of Undogmatisch as music label and Inner8 debut album.




_ S13 (Secret Thirteen) – dj
_ INNER8 + sYn (Undogmatisch / Farmacia 901) – A/V live
_ RETINA.IT (Semantica / Hefty Records / Glacial Movements) – A/V live
_ HONZO + Fax (3th Rec / Haunter Rec) – A/V live
_ SUBKUTAN (Vertigo / IfZ) – dj
+ SECRET SHOW – A/V live

_ FAX / sYn – Visuals


_ MIRCO MAGNANI / VALENTINA BARDAZZI – Chilling Area Installation

S13 (Secret Thirteen)
S13 aka Justinas Mikulskis is the DJ, curator, promoter, journalist and the mastermind behind the acclaimed experimental music and art platform . Having started as the producer of ethereal and multilayered drum’n’bass he soon discovered much broader horizons and immersed in the world of experimental /contemporary music, jazz, noise, fieldrecordings, industrial and other genres pushing the boundaries of our sonic perception. However, in his DJ sets and mixes S13 weaves all this diverse palette into a coherent whole, thus constructing interesting sound narratives with unexpected stylistic twists, radical mood swings and powerful, sometimes even surreal atmospherics. Strict rhythmic patterns might be suddenly overturned by abstract drone voyages or disengaged improvisations dismantling the common musical structures.
The recent live achievements of S13 are also quite telling. Having performed in the major Lithuanian festivals and shared the stage with such electronic music projects as Esplendor Geométrico, Emptyset , Demdike Stare , Lebanon Hanover , Polar Inertia , Perc, he recently played in Arma17 gig in Moscow next to Mika Vainio , Fennesz, Atom ™ and Berlin Atonal next to Subtext Records’ artists. The rich musical background allows Justinas to constantly surprise his listeners and always reinvent himself for the new sound researches. It is also reflected in his mixes for such concept music platforms as Electronic Explorations, Experimedia , A Strange Isolated Place , Headphone Commute , Modyfier’s Process mix series and a few others.

INNER8 (Undogmatisch / Farmacia 901)
Inner8 is Daniele Antezza, a multi-faceted thinker and electronic music producer, member of Dadub duo, sound engineer at Artefacts Mastering Studio and Undogmatisch co-founder, whose regular invocation of the term praxis begins to hint at his creative aims: a primary synthesis of contemplation and action that, in turn, encourages a secondary and entirely unpredictable set of syntheses dependent upon the listener’s unique interpretation. Though the Inner8 moniker has been in existence for several years as a private nickname for, as Antezza puts it, his « experimental anarchist sounds, » a full-length LP is just now surfacing which will reveal just how much this project has to communicate.
Daniele also takes pride in the ritualistic quality of Inner8’s live sets; a mobile laboratory of dynamic tension in which his theories manifest as massive physical vibrations.

RETINA.IT (Semantica / Hefty Records / Glacial Movements) (Lino Monaco and Nicola Buono), is born in the first half of 90’s.This duo,placed near the Vesuvio (Naples), explored all the capabilities of analogic synths since the beginnings, developing an its own idea of sound.
The undifferentiated manipulation of sounds extracted from modular and digital synths or objects / environment sound’s recording, leads this original duo to a continuos research of a sonic identity.’s music has been released from labels such as Hefty records (Us) , Mousikelab (It), Flatmate/Storung (Spain) and Glacial Movements (It). They have worked with different personalities of music business and visual arts, such as John Hughes, Marco Messina, Claudio Sinatti, Gabriella Cerritelli, Giorgio Li Calzi , Red Sector A. Moreover, the deep live performing activity has led to share important stages of International contest (such as Storung, Sonar…) with prestigious artists like Kraftwerk, Matmos, Telefon Tel aviv,T.A.G.C., Rechenzentrum , Oval, Noto, F. Bretschneider, Plaid, Apparat, Biosphere and many more.

HONZO (3TH Records / Haunter Records)
Davide’s new Honzo project born out of his keen interest in human psychology (primary emotions like fear, anger, sadness, which are common for all humans of all cultures) and desire to reveal the bipolarity of his musical expression. By incorporating submerged futuristic-breakbeats, haunting cinematic soundscapes, cutting edge modulations and the whole dark palette of sonorous sounds, Davide is figuratively painting a dramatic, yet post-apocalyptic and to some extent brutal and hopeless world’s fragment. With his distorted, drony and hallucinatory recordings Davide is definitely building a new musical perspective to techno music. It can be heard at Honzo’s debut 12″ record “In A Bipolar Disorder” which was released in the late 2013. February 2015 will be marked by his new record on 3TH Records. Moreover, Honzo is also working on new material which is planned to be released on Haunter and Arboretum labels.

SUBKUTAN (Vertigo / IfZ)
No pianos, scarce vocals, no light – nevertheless a tapestry of sound that reaches deep beneath the skin. As co-organizer and resident of Vertigo, Subʞutan has quickly made his mark on Leipzig’s electronic music scene and has expanded upon facets of music that, until now, have been painfully missed. His name stands for the melancholic and dark sounds of techno, going beyond the experimental to where a 4/4 pulse finds its place. In Subʞutan’s sets, hard, dry kickdrums stomp tirelessly through a post-industrial tristesse, behind which you can always clearly hear the beating of a human heart.

FAX (Arboretum)
Italian artist, born in 1987, lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
His works encompass from Vjiing, Audio/Visual Interactions, Mapping, Interactive installations to Scenic-design and investigate mostly on the decomposition of micro/macro cosmos.
In 2013 he also founded, together with Marco Berardi (Mogano) and Giuseppe Bifulco (Drøp) the Records Label Arboretum, a cooperative platform for Audio/Video experiments.

Valentina is a painter.
“True perfection does not exist, the sense of beauty comes from imperfection.” In the attainment of perfection, there is always the need for some elements of ugliness and of madness. When the ugliness is there, it is often overlooked, either intentionally or unintentionally, but perhaps when it is overlooked, true perfection is obtained.


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22nd May 2015
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